Traditional Tribal Fitness offers group exercise classes with Kiki Morris featuring challenging exercises that are fun and deceptively simple in a non-competitive, fun environment. Whatever your goals (cardio fitness, weight loss, increased flexibility, power, speed) you can achieve them with Traditional Tribal Fitness.


What people are saying about Traditional Tribal Fitness

I never had so much fun getting my ass whipped into shape. Kiki always has something new up his sleeve so you never get bored.
— Robert F., New York, NY
Kiki is awesome! I like running but was looking for cross training- Kiki’s work outs are great because they incorporate diverse exercises, using just your body along with jump rope, medicine balls, and small weights. He’s a great trainer because he’s encouraging and pushes you to get in a work out that you’re proud of, first thing in the morning. Never thought I’d enjoy working out with others as much as I do with Kiki and his morning work out crew.
— Caroline P., Brooklyn, NY
I have been training with Kiki for almost 2 years now - I have lost 55 pounds and still counting - he has sculpted into a fitness machine! I highly recommend him for any age and any ability level - he is very astute at gaging his clients’ levels and customizing each class to accomodate everyone...2 years later I am still being challenged. It really changed my attitude towards fitness and health in general; joining this community will be the best decision you will ever make!
— Sam N Ash S., Brooklyn, NY

I have been training with Kiki now for a little over 2 months and I cannot believe what a difference it is making. I can already see the results and it is an awesome way to start my day. Kiki’s training routine is different than anything else I’ve ever done in the past. He keeps it fresh and challenging so you never get bored and want to keep coming back. Training with Kiki is a decision that you will never regret!
— Ally F., Brooklyn, NY
Kiki is the BEST! First of all he’s an awesome person, kind and fun to be around. Second of all he makes you work—so your body will really get in shape. Also the fact that every day is a little bit different so it doesn’t get boring at all. You can bring your kids and dogs too!! Love Kiki!!
— Vanessa H., Brooklyn, NY